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Information on registration for smartcards which are used to access the system will have been sent out in your acceptance letter. If you have not received this information or require additional assistance this can be found on the trust intranet here.

The intranet is not available on computers off site.


This learning site will no longer be available as of 6th April 2020.

Please ensure that if you have started any e-learning from this site, that you complete the course(s) by 5th April and download and save your certificate(s).

The new site will be which will be available for registration from the 6th April.

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Welcome to the Integrated Clinical Information Programme

In this site you will find the training materials required to complete the e-Learning and assessments for the use of clinical IT systems which are replacing paper medical records.

In order to run this programme you need to use Firefox or Internet Explorer. You will also need to have Adobe Flash Player 11 installed.

If you are using a personal computer, please click here to download it.

If you are using a Trust PC and not sure if it is installed, please call the help desk on ext 3456.

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Pocket guides and full reference materials are available through the trust intranet here.